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  • Caution Boards


    Caution Boards
    -Yellow work in progress caution boards
    -Perfect for sites, warehouses and anywhere with construction

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  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers

    Carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO2)
    CO2 extinguishers are ideal for places with a lot of electrical equipment such as offices or server rooms because they are safe to use on fires involving electrical apparatus. Carbon dioxide extinguishers do not leave any residue, unlike a foam extinguisher. They can also be used on Class B fires, those involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol. CO2 extinguishers work by smothering the fire and cutting off the supply of air.

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  • Fire extinguishers in Kenya

    Designed for fixed automatic protection. Suitable for Class A, B, C fire risks and electrical fires. The 9kg automatic extinguisher will protect an area up to 40 cubic metres. This Automatic Extinguisher can be used for the following applications: Generator sets,trucks, small boats, large boats, motor sports and engine/plant rooms

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  • Foam Fire Extinguishers

    Foam extinguishers
    Foam fire extinguishers can be used on Class A and B fires. They are most suited to extinguishing liquid fires such as petrol or diesel and are more versatile than water jet extinguishers because they can also be used on solids such as wood and paper. The foam extinguishes liquid fires by sealing the surface of the liquid, preventing flammable vapour reaching the air and starving the fire of fuel. They are not suitable for use on free flowing liquid fires.

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  • Quality Safety Boots

    KSh3,500.00 KSh3,000.00

    Yamato Safety Boots
    -Japanese quality leather boots
    -200 Joule steel toe cap
    -Shock absorption
    -oil resistant
    -petrol & chemical resistant
    -steel midsole
    -EN 20345:2011

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